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Please note that screen sizes may differ - always check stated sizes of tool face before ordering.

Tool No 1024-H7
(19mm x 11mm)
  Tool No 1024-H6
(19mm x 13mm)
  Tool No 1024-H5
(23mm x 16mm)


Tool No 1025-E7
(17mm x 14mm)
  Tool No 1025-E6
(20mm x 16mm)
  Tool No 1025-E5
(24mm x 19mm)


Tool No 1026-I7
(18mm x 11mm)
  Tool No 1026-I6
(21mm x 13mm)
  Tool No 1026-I5
(25mm x 16mm)


Tool No 1027-F
(16mm x 9mm)
  Tool No 1027-F6
(19mm x 10mm)
  Tool No 1027-F5
(23mm x 12mm)


Tool No 1028-F7
(13mm x 15mm)
  Tool No 1028-F6
(15mm x 17mm)
  Tool No 1028-F5
(18mm x 20mm)

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