NLC: Davis Station, Antarctica, 1998, February, 18-19.

1915 UT, 400ASA Fuji Sensia film.


Report from John French (Australian Antarctic Division)

I would like to report observation of a NLC from Davis Station, Antarctica (68 35'S 77 58'E) on 18-FEB-1998. The cloud was first observed by Senior Met Observer Karen Quinnell at 1850UT and was photographed until it dispersed at 2000UT. The local time range was 0150-0300 19-FEB-1998. At 1850UT the solar altitude was -9.90deg, reached -10deg at solar midnight (1902UT) and was -9.28deg at 2000UT when the cloud dispersed. Tropospheric cloud at 15UT was reported as 1/8 Cu at 2500ft and 1/8 Sc at 4000ft at 00UT.

The observation was accompanied by measurements of the OH(6-2) band rotational temperature using a scanning spectrometer. The OH emission is centred at about 87km altitude. A dual channel Fabry-Perot spectrometer was also operating, measuring winds and temperatures from OH(6-2) Q1(1) and the Oxygen 558nm emission.

A 413K jpeg is attached. This was taken on 400ASA Fuji Sensia film at about 1915UT and scanned with a slide scanner. 9 shots followed at various zoom ranges and shutter speeds. I have another roll of 100ASA Fuji Sensia which is yet to be developed.


John French


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